A Civil Attorney Vs. A Criminal Attorney

civil attorney

A civil attorney is a lawyer who specializes in litigation or is sometimes called, a litigator or trial lawyer. They represent parties in hearings, arbitration’s, mediation’s, and trials before foreign tribunals, state and local courts, and administrative agencies.  It is different from criminal law and a criminal lawyer; for criminal law is engaged more in criminal punishment rather than resolving conflicts.

A Civil Rights Attorney: What Does He Do?

If I encounter a violation of my civil rights, I will need a civil rights attorney. Most of us do not know or are not aware of what our civil rights are. Civil rights serve to protect the citizenry from unwarranted government action, and there should be no discrimination or inhibition. The moment that right is hampered with, by an individual or agency (including that of the government), it is an act of injury against a person. Civil rights include a wide range of freedoms, example:  speech, press, and assembly; freedom from slavery, the right to vote, and the right to equality. Human rights are international laws that protect everyone from severe political, legal, and social abuses. These laws protect us from unlawful inspection, illegal seizures, and from unjust punishments.

The Civil Litigation Attorney

The civil litigation process can be divided into seven stages:  first stage, Investigation, second stage, Discovery, third stage, Pre-trial, fourth stage, Trial, fifth stage, Settlement, and sixth stage, Appeal. Not every lawsuit goes through every stage of litigation though; most are settled before trial and many cases that do reach a trial verdict do not get appealed.

The civil law courts provide a venue for resolving disputes that involve: disputes in contract, probate of property disputes, administrative law, wills, trusts, commercial law, and other private matters that involve individuals and government agencies/institutions.

There are available civil attorneys in different states to serve and protect our civil rights. I can search for a civil litigation lawyer on the internet and a list of civil litigation attorneys will show up to assist me regarding my civil rights.

A Power List Of Civil Attorneys In San Diego

The state of California has initiated in 1991, in implementing criminal sanctions for violating civil rights. The laws have provided heavier sentences for those convicted of violent or dangerous behaviour due to gender, race, age, disabilities, religion or sexual preference.  These ordinances were implemented to prevent discrimination. A list is available of civil attorneys in San Diego, California when I searched the web.

What Then Is A Civil Suit Attorney?

First let us define what civil lawsuit is. In a civil law suit, the victim (plaintiff) files a complaint against an offender (defendant) or a third party who has caused physical or emotional damage/s on the latter. Victims of crime can file civil lawsuits against offenders and other involved parties. The difference of a civil lawsuit from a criminal case is that in a lawsuit, the burden of proof lies in the complainant or plaintiff; whereas, in a criminal case, it is upon the defendant or offender to prove his innocence. And in a civil lawsuit, the plaintiff is responsible for the fees of litigation against the respondent.

In conclusion, civil law is more on protecting my rights while criminal law deals with punishment for violating the law. Civil litigation attorneys’ role is to represent me in court if any of my rights have been violated.

The Benefits of Being a Civil Attorney and a Criminal Attorney

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